Dirty Girl Scout Martini Cupcakes

17 Sep

Dirty Girl Scout Martini Cupcake

Let me just say I have been waiting to make this style of cupcakes for a VERY long time. After focusing on making alcohol filled cakes and confections, I’ve had this idea to make them in the shape of the real thing. I considered simply baking the cupcakes in martini glasses, but naturally doubted the baking ability of a martini glass… and the basic logistics of putting martini glasses on a pan and somehow carrying the pan into the oven. All I pictured was shattered glasses and cupcake batter, but then the alcohol would hit some open flame, ignite, and set the kitchen on fire. Totally possible. Therefore, I looked for an easier route: looking up a martini shaped cupcake tin online. Turns out, they don’t exist. :(

A while back on of my friend’s suggested I just make the mold myself out of aluminum foil, so I thought I’d give it a shot. I actually made these cupcakes a little over a month ago for my going away party, but since I have moved to Boston I have only just gotten a chance to write about it (who would have thought I would have little free time while getting an MBA? RIDICULOUS).

Make-shift foil mold

The flavor I chose came from the fact that I wanted to make an actual cocktail into a cupcake, instead of simply using booze in the batter. Pretty crazy, but it took me quite a long time to finally settle on the Dirty Girl Scout. I thought since it was my party I’d make a flavor I personally loved and as I’ve mentioned, chocolate and mint is on that list. Therefore, the Dirty Girl Scout was perfect. Now there are two ways I know to make a Dirty Girl Scout. If you remember your college days, one way is the cheap college student way in which you mix chocolate syrup and peppermint schnapps.. and take the drink by sitting on your knees, have the ingredients poured into your mouth and you swish it around and swallow.. hence the name, the Dirty Girl Scout. The Girl Scout part comes from the chocolate and mint, making the drink taste like a tasty tasty thin mint. Pretty ridiculous way to take it, the innuendo being so blatant, but overall, it’s entertaining and tastes pretty damn good, so screw it, get on your knees and take the shot (responsibly and only if you’re over 21 of course.. I feel like I might need to start saying that lol). That being said, the real drink is made with Bailey’s, Kahlua, Vodka, and Creme de Menthe. Given I had a supply all of the aforementioned alcohol, it was perfect. A little of all went into the batter, while the frosting was a Bailey’s frosting, which is actually one AMAZING frosting. Seriously, any sort of cake or cupcake you make next, try it with this Bailey’s frosting (obviously pair it with something reasonable), but really, it’s delicious. I chose to leave mint out of the frosting because I was worried the whole cupcake would be too minty and luckily in the end I think the flavors were well balanced.

Baked up!

Step 1 was to make the cupcake mold. I purchased some plastic martini glasses and shaped some aluminum foil into cones to fit. I then set the foil cones into cupcake tins, just so they were stable, making it easier to put into the oven.To construct these adorable and festive treats, I began by unwrapping each cupcake from it’s foil and to my excitement the aluminum foil cone molds worked perfectly! I was worried the tips would be over-baked, but each cupcake was evenly baked. I then placed each cupcake into a martini glass.

In their glasses (mostly fit)

As for the frosting, I wanted everyone to know that the cupcakes were chocolate and mint, so I dyed the frosting a pale green (even though it didn’t actually have any mint in it). In decorating, I wanted the cupcakes to look as martini-esque as possible so I didn’t do the classic upward swirl and instead I busted out the star tip in covered the top in an even layer of stars so that from the side it looked like layers of a cocktail.

mmmm Bailey's frosting

Oh, and I totally forgot about an add-on I decided to do after frosting the first cupcake.. rimming the glasses with sugar to make them look like a salt-rimmed cocktail glass. Fun story, it is not easy to rim a glass when the glass already has a frosted cupcake inside, but after that I used a little bit of watered down honey to prep the glasses and just spun the edges around in the sugar.

Smooth Layers

All in all, I was totally stoked they came out so well. What didn’t work out so well was transferring them to my friend’s house for the party. I set them into a tall box and they stood up for about 2min of the drive annnnd then, well there’s no other way to put it, but destruction ensued. Therefore, all photos taken were taken before the drive.

Dirty Girl Scout Martini Cupcake

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  1. Viv May 16, 2012 at 12:27 pm #

    Did you use a specific recipe for the cupcakes?

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